The Stuff You Might Have Missed: Pics From My Phone

Saturday, 7. April 2012

Here are some random happenings during the late Summer: pics you might have had texted to you or previously seen on Facebook.

Isabella went to summer camp up at Northern University. She stayed in a dorm and basically got a week’s worth of the college experience sans the binge drinking and bad decisions. She met a lot of new friends from all over the Midwest, and still keeps in touch with a few of them. It was a great experience for her.

Ace and Ellie raising hell at Xochimilco, a local Mexican joint.

Ace loves SouthPark.

Daddy and his chum Dewey went to Philadelphia for work. Dewey socked Rocky where it counts, we saw the Liberty Bell and Independance Hall. We also went to Jim’s Steaks for some cheesesteaks, and stowed away on a ghost tour of Philly. I believe we worked a little, too…but luckily not too much.

While getting down to his MP3 player this summer, Ty figured his moves might be able to produce income. He figured he would offer this service to the public for a nominal fee. So he asked his Mom to help with his “Will Dance for $$ – $52″ sign which he taped to his shirt, went outside on the front sidewalk, put his headphones on, and did his thing. Although I am not sure how much revenue he actually generated, the neighborhood shook and boogied.


Saturday, 7. April 2012

During the Fall we met up with the closest thing the kids have to cousins: Nicki’s cousins’ kids! Specifically, we got to hang with Mila Alper and Wilson Thacker. They’re always good times: playing pool in the basement, building forts, playing outside with the huntin’ dawgs, etc… Hotel Thacker is a great place for cousins to play, just as it has been for decades.

Ace-Dog and the Dogs.

As hard as you try, its virtually impossible to get all the kids in the same picture without causing hysterics in several of them.

Grandpa Dean

Check ya later!

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, 7. April 2012

We take Halloween pretty seriously around here. In Divernon, they allow for two nights of Trick or Treating. Isabella and I have proven over the past two years that we can hit every house in town over the two nights. We move quickly and efficiently, and our route is planned days in advance. This year we went out with Sadie and Clinton. Ace was Winnie The Pooh, Ty was the Grim Reaper, Isabella was the Devil, Clinton was a goblin, and Daddy was the Angry Father.

Ace and Mama hung with us as long as they could, and when they peeled off to go home we got down to business and made up for lost time, exploring the far reaches of Divy Town. It was all fun and games until we came across the scary old man who was haunting his front yard moaning and limping around. Turns out he wasn’t a wraith – he was having a heart attack or something, and his house was on fire! Luckily Sadie is an EMT and went to work calling the authorities and such. The kids and I moved on and by the time we hit our last few houses the cops, ambulances, and fire trucks had arrived at his house, giving us quite a show. He turned out to be ok, and the smoke coming out of his house was from the pizza he was burning in the stove. BOO!! Scary.

Pooh-Bear has had enough.

Turns out they’re not that scary.

Happy Birthday, Ace!!

Sunday, 18. March 2012

We threw a party at the Divernon Park to celebrate Ace’s first birthday. Grammie and Grandad came over for the festivities, and most of the local clan made it, too! We had some snacks, watched Ace tear open his presents, and had some cake. Simple, easy, and fun. Ace is a great little kid and soaked up the attention like a champ.

Because the actual steps are undocumented, and it was within a day or two of his birthday party, we’re going to call these Ace’s first steps:

Love Mila in this pic. Love Mila all the time.

Summer of Fun

Sunday, 18. March 2012

I realize you can see all of these on SmugMug (which I have updated here: so check it out) but these are some (mostly) summer 2011 classics I wanted to highlight.

Shortly after this photo was taken the Divernon Po-Pos came rolling up on us busting lights and grilling us about some “kids lighting off fireworks in the area.”

Izzy disposes of the contraband.

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Happy Birthday, Mama!!

Sunday, 18. March 2012

She is everything to all of us. We love her so much.

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2011 Indianapolis 500

Sunday, 18. March 2012

Yeah…so…we’re gonna go ahead and ignore that it’s been almost a year since the last post.
Also, I promised pictures of Isabella’s 11th birthday party, but I can’t find them. If I do I’ll post. She had 4 friends spend the night with her at the Hilton downtown. We had pizza at Gabatino’s down the street, then we hit Cold Stone on our way back to the hotel to swim. Believe it or not Nicki and I slept pretty well in the adjoining room.

Grammy and Grandad came over for races, and we had a great time eating cold chicken and tire smoke. Isabella loves Indy, and going with her makes it feel like the first time again.

Izzy made enemies with this race fan pretty early on when he was spewing his anti-Danica rhetoric for all of Section C. She was vocal with her dismay, and rubbed it in when his driver left the race early. She carries on the Mason Tradition of Obnoxious Disruption.

Happy Birthday, Isabella!!

Sunday, 10. July 2011

We drove home from Florida on May 21 – Izzy’s 11th birthday. We decorated the car for her, and we took a quick tour of her birthplace, Chattanooga. We got to see the house she was born in, the house I lived in with my folks when I was in high school, and we ate lunch at our favorite barbecue joint, Bones. Isabella spent the rest of the day navigating from the front seat next to me and doing homework. Believe it or not, this is the only picture from that day:

Of course, we threw her an excellent birthday party a couple weeks later. That post is soon to follow.

Happy 11th Birthday to our sweet Isabella.

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The Masons Invade Florida

Sunday, 10. July 2011

We packed up the shuttlecraft and headed to Florida in the early hours of May 14th. We found a place on the beach just 15 minutes from Mike and Ginger’s place. It was 6 days of fun, sun, rest, and relaxation. We got to hang with Grandma Ginger, Grandpa Mike, Uncle Nathan, Aunt Miki, Rachel, Vera, Koen, and Nolan. The kids spent most of the time in the pool, while Nicki and I spent most of our time at the beach. We really enjoyed St. Pete Beach: it wasn’t crowded, the sand was clean, the neighborhood was nice – it was no Siesta Key, but it was close to Ginger and Mike and gave us everything we were looking for in a relaxing vacation. Perfect.

Home for the week.

The view from our balcony.

Koen, Izzy, and Nolan get ready to hit the beach.

Ace plays on the beach for the first time.

Izzy and Ty play in the sand.

Ginger and the kids.

Uncle Nate and Ace.

Bearcat and the kids.

Koen, Aunt Miki, Izzy, and Vera approach the rough seas of the first day following a storm. The surf those first few days contained the best waves I’ve seen in the Gulf since I was a little kid. It was awesome.

The boys have had enough.

Nicki is quick enough to snap a picture of the dolphin that hung around most mornings.

Picked this up in a little shop on Madeira Beach. It’s a true statement.

Rachel and Nicki – Nolan and Ace

Pool full of Masons.

“Hey,baby…if you squint it’s easy to imagine we’re in Jamaica.”

The sunsets were beautiful. Nicki showed some skills getting the gull in this pic.

We were very happy to have such a great trip to introduce the newest Mason to the beach.

Easter Sunday

Saturday, 9. July 2011

As we do every Easter morning, the kids searched for their Easter baskets, got fueled up once they found them, went outside and searched for Easter eggs, got fueled up some more, and we took the trek down to Hillsboro and Aunt Gaye’s house for another Easter egg hunt. Lots of candy, lots of hunting, lots of awesome family, and lots of candy. Also – some candy.

The kids color the eggs the Easter Bunny hides

Let the sugar feast begin

Hanging with some cousins at Gayes.

Happy Easter!