5 Emerging and Important Trends in Childcare

When Caitlyn searched through the Space directory for a childcare centre in the Wyndham Vale area, she was interested to learn how approaches to childcare had changed since her time in daycare. She found some exciting ideas being implemented that would benefit her daughter Ally in her early learning journey. 

  • Focus on Early Learning 

Childcare centres such as Adventurers Wyndham Vale where Ally attended, have moved toward early learning programmes. Educators are increasingly highly trained and are responsible for planning activities using the National Early Learning Framework as a guide to play based and holistic learning. 

  • Digital Centre Management and Communication Tools

Technology has stepped in to create childcare management software that can be applied to centres across their entire system from enrolments and fees to real time communication with parents, including instant access to photos, daily activities and children’s progress. 

  • Outdoor and nature play 

Outdoor and nature play is taking on a greater role in child development and subsequently into childcare centres. Gardens are becoming important parts of daily activities. Today’s childcare centres teach environmental matters and sustainability as an integral part of the programme. 

  • Flexibility 

Child care centres are increasingly catering for all family budgets and routines.  Many centres offer flexible hours, reduced rates or payment plans. Special programmes or extracurricular activities are also considered for cost/benefit to allow all children to participate.

  • Healthy Eating Guidelines 

Another government initiative has been to provide a guide to healthy eating for young children.  Wyndham Vale childcare centres have embraced these guidelines, and ensure menus are designed around seasonal produce and healthy options.  Childcare centres also create mealtimes as a positive and social occasion, encouraging children to try different tastes and textures and develop eating habits that will lead to good health. 

Katrina found that the focus on child engagement and healthy bodies and minds was a great step forward in early learning.  Her daughter loved the stimulating activities and she was able to keep in touch with her daughter’s progress through the parent portal, without missing out on Ally’s important milestones. 

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