An Important Factor When Finding an International School in Bangkok

Bangkok. A bustling metropolis full of some of the world’s bests—some of the best restaurants, the best views, and of course, the best schools. There are many factors to consider when looking for an international school in Bangkok, and a big one that is often overlooked is the traffic. Bangkok is one of the world’s most congested cities so it is worth considering how you will get to and from school each day.

Make Public Transportation your Friend

Public transportation in Bangkok can be very quick and very cheap. One of the most common forms of transport used by expats and Thais alike is the BTS—the Bangkok sky train. The BTS has two main lines that it runs from early morning to late at night. A Bangkok international academic school that is close to the BTS is easy to find as well—many international schools are steps away from the BTS to help make the morning commute that much easier for you and your children. Other public transportation forms that are popular are:

  • The MRT—this is the subway system, and like the BTS, it is popular and easy to move around the city.
  • The BRT—this is the bus system, and it operates throughout Bangkok. Be warned, however, that the buses will deal with much of the Bangkok traffic.

The Many Taxis Available in Bangkok

Most people think of cars when they think of a taxi, but in Bangkok, you will find not one but three different types of taxi services.

  • A motorbike taxi: Motorbike taxis are not for the faint of heart, but they are a quick way to get around the city. These taxis are able to skip most of the traffic and get you where you need to be in a short amount of time.
  • A boat taxi: Bangkok is known for its winding Chao Phraya river, and some schools are situated not too far from this river. Boat taxis can ferry you across and get you to a destination sometimes much quicker than the roads themselves.
  • Taxi cab—the most commonly used form of taxis, these cars will get stuck in the same traffic as anyone else but can be a safer option. Sometimes you can arrange a permanent driver to get you and your children safely to your destination.

No matter what you choose, be sure to carefully plan your route. Bangkok is a sprawling city that boasts some of the worlds’ worst traffic, so be prepared!

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