Countries You Must Visit That Are Cheaper Than You Think!

Table of contents:

  1. Cheapest places you can visit in 2021
  2. Some tips for safe travels in 2021!
  3. Final thought

We all wish to travel around the world and get a break from our daily lives. With a tight budget, traveling and choosing a good spot for a vacation can be challenging. Let’s dig into some details about the cheapest countries you can visit this year!

Cheapest Luxury Places You Can Visit in 2021

  • Egypt

If you are in search of a versatile outdoorsy vacation spot, then Egypt is the perfect place to start from. It is home to vast deserts and contrasting beaches, along with a rich historical culture that will leave you intrigued. Egypt is particularly great for people who live in colder climates, because the weather there will be a great change of scenery from the usual cold. If you are not interested in the hot summers, then the best time to visit Egypt is in winter or after October, as it gets mild winters. The Pyramids and River Nile are some of the biggest attractions that may come to your mind when you hear about Egypt. Other points of interest include Valley of the Kings, Great Sphinx of Giza and several Ottoman remains in Cairo.

  • Morocco

Another country from Africa that is worth visiting when you are on a budget is Morocco. You will find a blend of European and Arabian culture in this country. It is home to several historical, cultural, and scenic points of interest. You will also enjoy shopping budget-friendly but culturally rich items like metal lanterns and beautiful jewelry, that you can also take as souvenirs. The Casablanca Twin Center, Arab League Park, Oum Rabia Waterfall, Bahia Palace, and the Kasbah are some best spots to visit while in Morocco. The ancient cities of Morocco are quite fascinating, so don’t forget to learn a few things about them beforehand!

  • Nepal

Known as one of the cheapest countries to visit in the world, Nepal is a great vacation spot if you want to visit someplace in Asia. It is also a good spot for families to visit. The country is surrounded by breathtaking mountains, particularly Mount Everest. Its mountainous nature makes it a budget-friendly spot for trekkers and adventurous people. There are also many cultural and religiously significant structures such as the Pashupatinath Temple. It also has dense jungles that can be your gateway to get a closer look at beautiful wildlife. The best time to visit Nepal is during December.

  • Ukraine

Ukraine is known as the largest country in Europe and a great spot for tourist attractions. It is home to several history-rich, Christianity-related places and attractions. In Ukraine, you will find the Carpathian Mountains and the Black Sea. If you are interested in water sports, then the Black Sea should be on your list. It is also home to the Abandoned City of Pripyat, which is a ghost town with very intimidating yet recent history.  You will find several luxury hotels to stay in Ukraine. It is also a very cheap place to live in.

  • Georgia

Europe is luxurious and extravagant as well. People who find themselves on a budget cannot consider traveling to countries like Italy and France. But here’s some good news. You can visit Georgia and enjoy a European experience to its fullest. the country’s most famous and budget-friendly city is Tbilisi. The city can let you occupy boutique hostels and guesthouses at affordable rates. Other than accommodation, you can also enjoy a full-blown luxurious experience at one of the private baths and Sulphur baths. There are also a bunch of ticket-free attractions and museums along with modern-day spots that you can enjoy. With Europe’s rich cultural and ancient history, you will find a lot of the remains in Georgia as well. Once you plan a trip to Georgia, you will see how underrated it is. The country is also cheaper to live in and has good affordable transportation too.

  • Singapore

Cheaper than most western cities, Singapore can be a great vacation spot in Asia, where you can get luxurious treatment on a budget. The luxury hotels here are cheaper than those in the US or in European countries. It is a beautiful, peaceful island that is home to delicious street food that is also cheap. You can also find a bunch of tourist attractions that are free of costs, such as Botanic Gardens and Marina Bay. You can also visit Universal Studios while in Singapore. Other than budget-friendly food and luxurious hotels, you will also find that transport and traveling within the city is also easy on the pocket.

Some Tips for Safe Travels in 2021

All the good things about affordable vacation spots make you want to pack your bags and book your tickets right away. However, traveling, especially to a different country is no longer easy in 2021 due to the spread of the pandemic. So, if you are going to travel to any country, make sure you have taken the following preparatory steps.

  • Make Use of Travel Gadgets

You will be surprised by the number of accessories and gadgets available to make your trip easier. There are many accessories like no-touch door openers and portable phone sanitizers that make things a lot safer and comfortable during the trip. You should invest in some of these gadgets. If you are going with a group of people, make sure to make use of GPS and tracking tech in your phones to ensure safety for everyone.

  • The COVID Situation

Do not book your trip for any country before analyzing or understanding the COVID situation in that particular country. Make sure you know about the procedures being employed for visitors and travelers to the country. Keep check of possible or existing lockdowns in the country, and also make sure that the spots you are planning to visit are open for the public. You should also be aware of how the country is dealing with tourists who are infected with the virus. News channels constantly broadcast such information. Make use of cheap DIRECTV Prices and versatile channel lineups that give you up-to-date news about the COVID situation all around the world.

  • Online Bookings and Arrangements

Don’t leave anything for the last minute. Several internet packages offer affordable internet services, which you can use to make arrangements, bookings, and gather information online. Use hotel booking apps to check the availability. Hotels now have their own apps, where they offer high-tech features like virtual tours of the rooms for your ease.

Final Thought

All the details about various pocket-friendly vacation spots must have got you all hyped up! 2021 can be the year where we can pursue and complete all our travel plans. Make sure you keep yourself and the ones around you safe by taking all necessary precautions during your trip to one of the best, cheapest countries ever!

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