Why should youth go to church?

Church has been a center of projecting and preserving culture for a very long time. The church was in a way responsible for preserving many of the poems written in Old English which was very helpful for tracing the development of the language. Also, the concept of the church has been in existence for almost 20 centuries now, there is a vast amount of knowledge and fellowship to be learned and experienced. Youths can benefit a lot from going to church, churches have invented new and different ways to connect with the youth, many churches have a concept of youth church which is different from the regular church that consists of all age groups. Youth church is centered on youths and works towards the development of youths through the teachings of Jesus Christ as well as nurturing healthy fellowship.

Here are some other benefits for youths in joining a youth church.


Everyone wants a human connection in life. The church is a great place to connect with your community, make friends from your community, and learn the ways and culture of your community. Fellowship is a strong concept, theoretically, it is the ideal state of living together, helping each other through tough and happy times, working towards a common goal. Fellowship can do wonders in the personal lives of youths.

Volunteer or Mission Work

From its inception, the church has heavily pushed itself for the betterment of society. Almost every church is involved in some sort of voluntary or mission work such as education. In the present world, the church is seen as a place of restrictions and a certain way of life but its contribution towards the preservation and promotion of culture is something that is undermined today. By going to the church, youths can involve themselves in voluntary works that will have a great effect on their lives.


Religion was made by man for providing a direction. It was made for creating order out of chaos and yes, indeed, the modern mind was greatly affected by world wars which rendered the faith in a religion as well as religious institutions hopeless. However, engaging in church activities and connecting with scripture will help the youth find their purpose and live a purpose-driven life.


In present times, youths are involved in many things, they live a life that is full of responsibilities and expectations. The weight of these responsibilities and expectations can make them stray from their paths. Going to church will help them meditate and connect with the universe and the word of God which will guide them through their pain and give them peace and strength to carry on.

In conclusion, church plays a huge role in cultivating young minds in culture, the church gives them a platform to connect with similar as well as different people, it is a place where they can learn selfless giving and feel happy for the same, the church will also help them find purpose and stay on the course, and it will also help them achieve balance in the chaotic world.

Checking the service hours of various churches would help you choose the ones suitable to meet your specific schedule. You might come across numerous imperative aspects in your life. Most would be keen to invest their time in religion. However, finding a Houston church offering Thursday evening services instead of Sundays could be of great assistance.

Nate Becker
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